Transforming your leadership team through coaching

You have probably heard of individual executive coaching, but have you considered the transformative possibilities of working together as a leadership team in coaching?

Typical issues we address include:

  • Agility: Liberating energy for innovation and rapid change
  • Change: Building high performance in new, merged or restructured teams. And responding to rapid changes in technology, markets and competition
  • Inclusiveness: You have diversity on the surface – but is your team truly inclusive? Does everybody’s contribution bring the agility and creativity your business needs?
  • Conflict: How good is your team at having the hard conversations in a constructive way?

Team coaching is the new way to get to the heart of these issues that maximises impact and long term sustainability of changes.

Team Coaching: the new value proposition

You already know that command and control is not enough. And your team’s key performance indicators can’t be addressed just through training or through one-on-one interventions. The real performance dividend comes from tapping into collective experience and wisdom, and collaborative approaches to the perpetual differences you find in any modern, diverse, performance-oriented organisation.

Team Coaching: how it works

We typically meet your team at least three times over 4-6 months. You and your team set the agenda. Your coaches help you make the breakthrough insights and behaviour changes that will get you there.

In summary: we focus on building your team muscle to design and address the systemic changes that add the most value to the team’s purpose.

Team Coaching: partnerships to suit your people

Team performance is all about liberating diversity to drive innovation. To do that you need a good fit between team leaders, teams and coaches. For that reason, with all but the smallest teams, I work with coaching partners who are different to me in crucial ways – together our coaching partnership allows all your people to thrive and make breakthroughs.

Coaches to fit the energy, style and diversity of your team

Mish Middelmann Enterprisecoach systemic leadership and team coaching

Mish Middelmann

  • Past CEO, Praxis Computing (Pty) Ltd
  • Educated at Harvard Business School
  • Executive coach for 16 years
  • Team coach for 9 years
  • Now also training and supervising systems coaches globally

Dano Ronnie Ndlovu

  • Former Executive in international engineering company
  • First African on CRR Global Faculty for relationship systems coach training
  • Executive coach for 16 years
  • Team coach for 9 years

Looking for a bigger team? We are connected into a network of deeply experienced, highly qualified team coaches across Africa and around the world.

We have the expertise, experience and passion for performance to help your team go from good (or even struggling) to great. Please give us a sketch of your situation and let’s see how systemic team coaching might make a difference that impacts the bottom line as well as your people’s quality of life at work.

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