Some of my teachers

There are many people I am deeply grateful to for their part in my learning and growth. I invite you to explore some of the professionals listed here, knowing that they come with my strong recommendation.

Vanissar Tarakali

I first found out about Vanissar when a friend gave me a wonderful article about her course created in 2000, called Compassionate Transformation: a Buddhist Way to Unlearn Racism. What a wonderful suggestion for me as a white South African!

It turns out that Vanissar does far more than run courses on unlearning racism. She is a deeply skilled somatic (body-based) coach and has helped me to go deep into the wisdom of the body while continuing to tackle issues of prejudice and working towards greater social justice. And her deep Buddhist roots provide a calm mindful space where learning can flourish.

While Vanissar is based on the west coast of the USA, she has proven in her work with me that virtual (Skype or Zoom) sessions do work powerfully, enabling transglobal work in an environmentally sustainable way.

Visit for articles, workshop information, contact details and more.

Yuri Morikawa

I am inspired by Yuri both as a person and as a global leader. Based in Tokyo, Japan, she was part of the core team that created ORSC-based systems coaching in Japan, translated all the material into Japanese, and developed a thriving business and coaching community around this nucleus.

Every action she takes is sourced from a consideration of the multiple concentric systems and ecosystems involved and impacted.

She continues to lead with gentle and inclusive power, both as a coach, a coach trainer and a business leader. Visit CRR Japan for more.

Itta Roussos

Through a rich and deep combination of Kundalini Yoga, thorough training in pyschology, process and constellations work, and underpinned by powerful spiritual wisdom and experience, Itta Roussos takes individuals and groups into places of extraordinary healing and growth.

From my perspective, Itta is a treasure. She has helped me deeply through both group experiences and personal coaching. I encourage you to read more on her website.

Rasada Goldblatt

Not only does he make wonderful websites, including this one, but he also provides powerful healing spaces and practices that have helped me and countless others. I encourage you to visit for more.

Eva Szita-Morris

This amazing human being was my favourite supervisor in 2014 during my CTI coaching certification journey. Since then she has supervised me personally and as a teach coach, and also coached me in my personal and business relationships.

What I like best is the deep place she comes from, connecting with the essence of her clients and their best selves.

Connect with Eva on LinkedIn and CRR Global Faculty

Marius Strydom

Here is somebody whose gentle power runs deep. If you want to untangle the deep physical and emotional tangles in your body, treat yourself to a series of Rolfing sessions with this master.

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