Winter 2024 special offer to CSI social entrepreneurs and innovators

I help leaders and changemakers be more effective in working with people, conflict and complexity And to get the heart of creating value

If you want to excel at one or more of these:

  • Create sustainable change by delivering not just value to your clients/communities, but what they really perceive as value and are therefore willing to pay for. What it takes to get into conversations about value with your customers.
  • Build your team around a clear purpose, in a way that is inclusive and thrives on their different voices and life experiences.
  • Work with conflict in a candid, resilient, constructive and respectful way. One of the most common reasons start-ups fail is due to unresolved internal conflict, but conflict handled appropriately can be like medicine.
  • Think and act systemically, with the best interests of your community and ecosystem at heart.
  • Practical operational tips for business building and leadership. Regardless of your social goals, you are still co-creating and co-leading an organisation which needs to thrive.

I can support and challenge you to make breakthroughs as leaders and in the team you are building.

Apply below for free top quality mentorship and leadership coaching (only 1 place remaining)

I am a grateful newcomer to Canada. I’ve been a tech CEO, a social entrepreneur and a community activist. I am an internationally certified leadership and team coach. More about me here. I am offering you up to four coaching sessions this winter.

As a way of giving back, I am offering mentorship and coaching around the above issues free for at least the first 4 months of 2024, i.e. up till the end of April.

Three provisos:

  • To take advantage of this offer you need to be based in Canada.
  • I can only help if you are passionate, willing to be disciplined and offering something genuinely beneficial.
  • There is a limit to the time available from me, so this will be given to the first eligible people or teams that come forward.

If interested, click link below and register for free to meet me in person or on Zoom.