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Navigating complex systemic change

Contact us for the big changes that can’t be simply “managed:” What needs to emerge through complex interplay of multiple stakeholders, issues and strategic forces. We work with organisational issues including:

  • Diversity is like inviting everybody to the party. Inclusion is when each person gets to dance
  • Mergers. acquisitions, restructuring
  • Beyond command and control

We have the people, the skills and the deep experience to be your partners in long term sustainable organisational change.

Case studies

Beyond diversity: Full inclusion

Situation Several thousand high-end professional employees in blue chip financial services business. Overall demographics more or less matching those of South Africa, and generally positive relationships in the firm. And top leadership is concerned about inclusion: People work together, yet go home to divided communities where inequalities are stark The [...]

Shifting leadership culture in heavy industry

Draft not for publication Situation If the oil hits the floor, you do what I say. No time to talk - just get on with it. "If we negotiate, people will think we are weak." "You know what contractors are like. When I manage a multi-million [...]

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