It can feel awful when a job, a partnership or a business venture comes to an end. And it can be liberating!

I’ve been through a few ups and downs, endings and new beginnings. And I have coached scores of others through the fire of destruction and rebuilding, repurposing, rediscovering. If you would like to work through the ambiguities of loss and possibility, of regret and hope, of endings and new beginnings in a mindful way, maybe a coaching relationship with me could be helpful.

I will help you create enough space to find new direction, truly honour whatever must end and fully embrace what is next.

Working with the changes in yourself

How often have you seen very public leaders who take their division, company, or even country to new heights – and then are brought down by not knowing themselves, or failing to anticipate and negotiate the changes that happen to themselves, from business growth and changing roles to burnout to career change and exit strategies?

I urge you to explore how the leadership and change stories in my blog might apply to you. In particular, please check out