You’re a disturber. You make things happen. You also allow magic to emerge. And deep inside there is a hunger in you – to make a difference, to make an impact, to get somewhere.

When you walk in the room, the energy shifts – though you may be totally unaware of it. “Doesn’t everybody have an endless fountain of energy like me?” you may ask. Or, you might simply think: “There are a lot of lazy and unfocused people out there.”

Somehow you see opportunities where others see obstacles. If you were 100% logical you wouldn’t have started the business at all.

People are central to your vision, yet you often feel lonely. Who can you talk to? Everybody who knows something about you and your business has a vested interest, an axe to grind, a way they think you should be to succeed. They all want you to succeed their way. Sometimes it feels as if they might prefer you to fail.

Would you like a sounding board who is ready to challenge anything you say, and invite new perspectives without a vested interest in the outcome? Would you like to meet in a quiet and free space with an open minded thinking partner? Would you like a break in the loneliness of your leadership?

Working with me as your coach, this kind of deep support and challenge is something you will come to rely on. And we will go a lot further, examining your strategic options from both a business and a personal perspective, exploring how to deeply align your business leadership with your most profound values, and re-opening your life to do what you love the most and do the best.

If this resonates with the entrepreneur or social entrepreneur in you, then it is probably time to explore the opportunity of coaching with me. I invite you to contact me now.